Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

UEC offers a wide range of environmental testing to meet your specific needs. Our engineering team can help create a test plan to meet your product and production needs.

Environmental test capabilities include:

  • Thermal Cycling – Max Temperature Range of +200C to -100C, Change/Ramp Rate of 100C/minute.
  • ElectroDynamic (ED) Vibration – Single Axis Random or Sine and Dual Axis Random Vibration.
  • ElectroDynamic (ED) Vibration – Frequency Spectrum from 20 to 2000Hz Capable of meeting NAVMAT vibration profiles at ambient temperature.
  • Repetitive Shock (RS) Vibration – 3-Axis Random Vibration with 6 Degrees of Freedom with Maximum Acceleration of 75 gRMS.