Seaport-e Awardee

UEC Electronics is a Seaport-e awardee for Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Services.  UEC has a broad range of experienced engineers. We can add value anywhere within the product development process. We can bring your idea to life and your product to market. From conceptual design, to creating a qualification test plan, to preparing your product for manufacture – our engineers will work as an extension of your organization.  In addition to the engineering acumen we offer, we are teamed with exceptional companies ready to tackle your toughest challenges.

Socioeconomic Status
Team Members Capability/Area of Expertise Large Small VOSB SDVOSB HUBZone SDB WOSB
Design Mill, Inc. Research, Design, Configuration, Management, Simulation, Analysis X
FAAC, Inc. Simulation X
MMS Defense Engineering and Manufacturing X X X X X X
Economically Disadvantaged
Pelatron Broad array of services spanning multiple functional areas X
ProSoDel Logistics, Provision, Documentation X X X

Quality Assurance Program

UEC Electronics Quality Management System (QMS) is registered as both AS9100C and ISO9001:2008.  UEC Electronics has a comprehensive approach to quality assurance from project inception and throughout every phase of our projects until delivery.  The primary methods of assuring the quality of services are appropriate advance planning, assignment of sufficient qualitied staff resources, provision of appropriate tools and establishment of rigorous program and project management techniques.  Our collaborative method of developing detailed work instructions for each task assures the quality of support provided on each project task is consistent, thorough and repeatable.

UEC’s overall QMS utilizes receiving inspection and product sampling, a First Article build and inspection, an in-process inspection at each work center, final product test and inspection and other inspections as required by the customer.  Quality audits are done frequently to ensure adherence to established procedures.  Quality records remain on file for a minimum of three years and are made available to the customer as requested.  The effectiveness of the overall QMS is measured in real-time by scrap and rework material as well as customer returns and non-conforming material logs. After any new integration or production begins, additional LEAN activities are performed to speed up the process and wring out inefficiencies.

In accordance with the requirements of AS9100C and ISS9001:2008, UEC’s QMS and all subordinate functions are reviewed by a third party auditor every three years.

Seaport-e Point of Contact

Customer Satisfaction:
Allen Russell, Proposals and Contracts Manager, 843-266-6607,;
UEC Electronics, 5914 Howard Street; Hanahan, SC 29410


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Awarded Seaport-e Task Orders

No Task Orders Awarded – Base contract awarded Aug 15, 2016