UEC Electronics TSOA Report

March 8th 2019, Quantico, VA. UEC Electronics successfully executed a weeklong exercise with their Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Sources (MEHPS) system at the Army’s Technical Support and Operational Analysis (TSOA) event.  The MEHPS is a Marine Corps 10 kilowatt (kW) hybrid-power solution designed to deliver power redundancy, fuel savings, and better reliability to traditional fuel-fired generators.

The MEHPS trailer was towed over 500 miles to Quantico, VA, traversed unimproved roads to the test site, and cranked up the first time in sub-zero temperatures with no reliability or maintenance issues.

During the evaluation, MEHPS powered varying loads ranging from 1.5kW – 6kW throughout the week including portable heaters, network switches, servers, laptops, printers, lights, and 50 radio charging stations.

MEHPS was left unattended overnight in sub-zero temperatures – the results were exceptional!  During the unattended period no power drops or faults were experienced and only a single gallon of fuel was consumed in a 10-hour period.   Dr. Philip Stone, Electrical Engineer and MEHPS design engineer said, “Power can’t be seen, but when it’s not available, missions fail – MEHPS is a game changer for the US Military.”  Joe Porter, Electrical Engineer and MEHPS design engineer agreed, “The fuel savings exceeded our expectations, in part due to the amount of solar collection we were able to capture during the partly cloudy cold days.”  David Taylor, Director of Business Development for Army programs offered, “Both the Marine Corps and Army are evaluating the MEHPS solution to determine where this critical capability will best support the warfighter.”

A second, test event is scheduled to begin in late April.  MEHPS will be evaluated in the US Army’s Maneuver Support, Sustainment, and Protection Integration Experiment (MSSPIX) 19 held in Fort Leonard Wood, MO in late April.