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UEC Electronics Attending the South Carolina Aerospace Conference & Expo

Please join UEC Electronics at the South Carolina Aerospace Conference August 30th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. We will be exhibiting in booth 5 and discussing our aerospace engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
UEC has received numerous quality awards from our aerospace customers for exceptional quality and responsive deliveries.  UEC also has been recognized by the DoD and the White House for our exceptional design acumen.

UEC Electronics Salutes the Covina Police Department, Covina CA

The Covina Police Department in California has recently received six Generation I Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network Systems (GREENS) from the Department of Defense. The GREENS collect solar energy, convert that energy to useable power, and stores any excess energy in batteries. 

The United States Marine Corps had replaced their Generation I systems with GREENS Generation II in 2016.  The Covina Police Department intends to use these older GREENS systems as a backup power system for disaster preparedness and/or emergency response.  Although the DOD transferred systems to local law enforcement agencies, the systems did not include any of the intelligent batteries originally provided to the Marine Corps. 

The staff of the Covina Police Department was undeterred, and modified the system to work with commercially available lead acid batteries.  Way to go Covina PD!  Should a catastrophic event happen, this police department is ready and able to continue to power emergency systems to serve and protect their community for an extended period of time without fuel.

For other state and local law enforcement agencies, the DoD’s 1033 Program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer, without charge, excess US Department of Defense property to state and local law enforcement agencies. Additional information about this program can be found here:

UEC Electronics is thrilled to see these older systems rescued from an early retirement in Covina, California and is impressed with the technical acumen of the police department.


UEC Electronics Attending Modern Day Marine 2017

Come visit the UEC team and learn about what our manufacturing and engineering services can do for you. We will also have our renewable and hybrid energy products with us! We will be located in the Small Business Pavillion in booth 6.

UEC Electronics is Attending DSEI

The President of UEC Electronics, David Modeen, will be exhibiting our renewable and hybrid energy products at DSEI (Defense and Security Equipment International) September 12-15 in Booth N8-380.  DSEI brings together the entire defense and security industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.

UEC Electronics awarded $3M contract for GREENS

Hanahan, South Carolina – August 15, 2017 –  UEC Electronics has received a $3 million order for their Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network Systems (GREENS) to power US Army mission critical systems deployed throughout the world.  The GREENS collects solar energy, converts that energy to useable power and stores excess energy in high density batteries.  The system delivers clean, stable, silent power 24-hours per day and has been used extensively by the US Marine Corps both domestically and internationally. 

Nancy Straight, Director of Strategic Planning at UEC commented, “We are thrilled to see the Army embracing the benefits of renewable power generation.  Enabling operational forces to untether from their fuel resupply trucks, while meeting their power demands through renewable sources delivers the unfair advantage we want our military forces to have.  This order is a reflection of the increased traction we are experiencing within a multitude of US Army applications.”     

This GREENS order will be delivered to operational forces before the end of this calendar year.

UEC Electronics is a subsidiary of Arotech’s (Nasdaq: ARTX) Power Systems Division.