Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System (GREENS)

Pushing fuel forward on the modern battlefield is expensive in human, capital equipment, and fuel costs. The GREENS is the first viable solution to replace traditional fuel-fired generators. GREENS collects solar energy and converts that energy to usable power. Excess energy is stored in an array of high density batteries for use when solar is unavailable. GREENS is a reliable and combat proven hybrid power energy system. It is man-transportable, requires no fuel, operates silently, and is rugged and reliable. The GREENS requires only 20-minutes to set up and there is no required maintenance. The GREENS pays for itself in a matter of months in comparison to normal fueled generator operations which are usually only 40-50% efficient. The GREENS requires no special handling for shipping and the High Efficiency Density Battery System (HEDBS) included in GREENS is UN/DOT Class 9 Certified for air shipment. A single GREENS can provide 24 hours of 300W based on 8 hours of captured sunlight and can provide 1000W at peak. Additionally, as many as 5 GREENS may be networked in parallel to provide a peak of 5000W. The system is modular and scalable to meet the varied needs of the users. GREENS can also accept power from other sources to include vehicles and generators and the GREENS has an Auto Start capability.


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UEC PN:External Part #:NSN:Product Description
0754H73-0010754H73-0016150-01-627-6886Cable Assembly, OPA
0754H71-0010754H71-0016150-01-646-1583ASSEMBLY, HARNESS, OPA GROUND
0754H70-0010754H70-0016150-01-646-1631Harness Assembly, OPA Controller Input
0754H61-0010754H61-0016150-01-627-5168Cable Assembly, Controller Diagnostics
0754H60-0010754H60-0016150-01-646-1591Harness Assembly, GREEN
0754H58-0010754H58-0016150-01-646-1600ASSEMBLY, HARNESS, J11
0754H57-0010754H57-0016150-01-646-0090Harness Assembly, J2
0754H56-0010754H56-0016150-01-646-1627ASSEMBLY, HARNESS, J1
0754H55-0010754H55-0016150-01-627-5180Cable Assembly, Battery Splitter
0754H53-0010754H53-0016150-01-621-8233Cable Assembly, DC Output
0754H39-0010754H39-0016150-01-645-9801HARNESS, J3
0754H33-0010754H33-0016150-01-646-1661Harness Assembly, Battery Charger
0754H31-0010754H31-0016150-01-646-1614ASSEMBLY, HARNESS, SOLAR
0754H30-0010754H30-0016150-01-646-0002HARNESS, AC SUPPLY
0754H25-0010754H25-0016150-01-645-9914Harness Assembly, Diagnostic
0754H24-0010754H24-0016150-01-646-1040Harness Assembly, DC Control
0754H23-0010754H23-0016150-01-646-0092Harness Assembly, AC Control
0754H22-0010754H22-0016150-01-645-9707Harness Assembly, Battery Charger Control
0754H217-0010754H217-0016150-01-646-9824ASSEMBLY, CABLE, HEDBS TO OPD, 10FT
0754H14-0010754H14-0016150-01-621-7639Cable Assembly, DC Output
0754H212-0010754H212-0016150-01-621-7784ASSEMBLY, CABLE,GREENS, BATTERY POWER
0754H211-0010754H211-0016150-01-621-8173ASSEMBLY, CABLE,GREENS, BATTERY POWER
0754H21-0010754H21-0016150-01-621-7784Harness Assembly, DC Control
0754H202-0010754H202-0016150-01-622-5381ASSEMBLY, CABLE,GREENS, TOUGHBOOK
0754H20-0010754H20-0016150-01-645-9927Harness Assembly, Battery ID
0754H07-0010754H07-0016150-01-646-0061Harness Assembly, Solar DC-DC and Control Board
0754H06-0010754H06-0016150-01-621-7021Cable Assembly, Generator Autostart
0754H05-0010754H05-0016150-01-627-6174Cable Assembly, DC Output
0754H04-0010754H04-0016150-01-621-7773Assembly, Cable, AC Input
0754H03-0010754H03-0016150-01-621-7644Cable Assembly, DC Input
0754H02-0010754H02-0016150-01-621-8311Cable Assembly, HEDBS
0754H01-0010754H01-0016150-01-621-8265Cable Assembly, Renewable Energy Input
0754A08-001 6130-01-628-1970GREENS Controller
0754A12-002  6140-01-627-5512ASSEMBLY, HEDBS, GREENS
0754B201-0010754B201-0016130-01-627-6167ASSEMBLY, INVERTER, GREENS
0754H206-0010754H206-0016150-01-623-1759ASSEMBLY, CABLE, GREENS, TOUGHBOOK