SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic

  • “UEC continues to complete the job on time and on schedule. They are very dependable and continue to give the customer precisely what they desire in conformance with the contract.”
  • “UEC Electronics personnel are professional engineers with a consistent ‘can do’ attitude to emerging government requirements.”
  • “The overall cost for development was reduced, it was delivered ahead of schedule, and passed all government acceptance test without exception.”
  • “For each item that could potentially affect the government’s delivery schedule, UEC Electronics management staff quickly (and without formal request from the government) added additional personnel resources to consistently deliver designs ahead of schedule.”
  • “The quality on the equipment provided equated to zero defects.”
  • “In my experience I have never worked with a more responsive company than UEC Electronics.”
  • “If the evaluator could cite a rating higher than exceptional with regard to their schedule performance, this company would deserve it.”

Nelson Division

  • “UEC has worked well with our company. Keep up the good work!”
  • “Everyone at UEC has been a pleasure to work with.”

 Fleetguard, Inc.

  • “UEC has been very good to work with. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. In the product they developed with me, they were very good to research and suggest new and different ways to do things.”
  • “Very helpful and knowledgeable, good suggestions.”

Scientific Research Center

  • “UEC keeps us informed and quickly responds to our needs.”
  • “Great job!”

Linde Lift Truck Corporation

  • “Excellent company…”
  • “One of our better suppliers!”

Cummins Engine Company

  • “Your great strength, as I see it, is UEC’s knowledge of our products and their environment. As I have participated in internal meetings about the need for a new electronic assembly, there have often been ideas tossed around which were either impractical or overly complex. After discussing the purpose of the assembly with UEC, suggestions were made about another way to get where we need to be that is either most cost-effective or more reliable.”
  • “UEC has met prototype delivery deadlines that were aggressive, I was almost embarrassed to ask for.”
  • “UEC is good at asking the right questions to get beyond our initial ideas and to help clarify our true requirements for products we ask them to quote on. This often leads to product refinements that save time and money while boosting the reliability of the device under consideration.”
  • “UEC’s ability to meet ridiculous deadlines is something that I have brought up in internal meetings and something that I see as one of our greatest strengths. As a result of your responsiveness, you have practically become the default supplier for low volume, specialty controls within (our company).”

AAI Engineering Support

  • “Exceeds requirements for responsiveness to our needs, delivers quality products on time and understands our overall direction and strategic priorities…”
  • “It has been a pleasure working with UEC.”
  • “…Strong point is communication – this is why UEC is our vendor of choice for development efforts.”
  • “…UEC is outstanding.”

Cummins Engine Plant (CEP)

  • “UEC worked very quickly to get set up for a SIG600/1SX EDI requirement for webforms. They have always delivered on time and we have not had any quality issues.”
  • “UEC works quickly, delivers on time; no quality issues.”
  • “UEC was a good supplier to ISX Assembly Line. We did not have any delivery issues and UEC usually communicated proactively.”

Berchtold Corporation

  • “UEC has provided excellent service and delivery for all of the rework I’ve given them.  Seem to be a 1st rate supplier”

Federal Mogul Company (FMO)

  • “UEC identifies and removes barriers when encountered, and delivers quality products on time”


  • “(UEC does) a terrific job responding to our needs and our Customer needs.”

Cummins (FSP)

  • “UEC is good at asking the right questions to help clarify requirements; met aggressive deadlines.”


  • “We have had no issues with the timeliness, communication, cost or quality of products that we have purchased from UEC.”