The Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES™), Defense Advanced GPS Reciever (DAGR) Adapter Cable allows the user to connect a DAGR to the SWIPES™ Hub or a variety of batteries.

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Compatible with the following batteries & Power Source:BA-8180/U, BA-8140/U, BA 5590/U, BA-5390/U, BA 2590/U, BB-390/U, BB-590/U, CWB-85, CWB-150, SWIPES™ Hub

UEC P/N: 0996H03-001

NSN: 6150-01-618-8242

EFB P/N: 1-15300-00

system ii 36 dagr1-15525-00, SWIPES CWB Battery Cable VERSION II


DC Input 12 VDC Nominal
DC Output 12 VDC Nominal
Operational Temperature –20°C to +60°C (–4°F to +140°F)
Storage Temperature –40°C to +100°C (–40°F to +212°F)
Length 113 cm / 44.5 inches
Weight 75 g / 0.164 lbs
Environmental -Humidity 95%
-Altitude 50,000 ft