UEC Electronics awarded $3M contract for GREENS

Hanahan, South Carolina – August 15, 2017 –  UEC Electronics has received a $3 million order for their Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network Systems (GREENS) to power US Army mission critical systems deployed throughout the world.  The GREENS collects solar energy, converts that energy to useable power and stores excess energy in high density batteries.  The system delivers clean, stable, silent power 24-hours per day and has been used extensively by the US Marine Corps both domestically and internationally. 

Nancy Straight, Director of Strategic Planning at UEC commented, “We are thrilled to see the Army embracing the benefits of renewable power generation.  Enabling operational forces to untether from their fuel resupply trucks, while meeting their power demands through renewable sources delivers the unfair advantage we want our military forces to have.  This order is a reflection of the increased traction we are experiencing within a multitude of US Army applications.”     

This GREENS order will be delivered to operational forces before the end of this calendar year.

UEC Electronics is a subsidiary of Arotech’s (Nasdaq: ARTX) Power Systems Division.