Power Generation

Delivering Scalable, Clean and Reliable Power to Remote Locations

pdf-iconHybrid and Renewable Products

Hybrid Power Systems

Tactical Edge Hybrid Power 3500W and 10.5kW systems optimize generator runtime and provide clean stable power 100% of the time. Sensitive electronics and medical equipment which could be damaged by the power surges inherent with generators can confidently connect to the Tactical Edge Hybrid Power 3500W system. The generator is turned on only long enough to recharge the batteries, then it is turned off – the batteries connected to the system are what powers the load.

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Renewable Power Systems

Renewable Energy Power Generation is a stable, mature, silent way to generate power. The system makes no noise, produces no fumes, operates silently. Our solutions deliver power 24 hours per day!! An Intelligent power controller manages energy collected from the sun, stores that energy on high density batteries, and provides power as needed – even after dusk!

pdf-iconGround Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System (GREENS) 1kW

pdf-iconRugged Edge Renewable Power, 300W

pdf-iconRugged Edge Renewable Power, 1000W

pdf-iconTactical Edge Renewable Power, 300W

Individual Renewable Power System Products

pdf-iconGREENS AC Pwr Supply

pdf-iconGREENS Btry Charger

pdf-iconGREENS Controller

pdf-iconGREENS DC Pwr Controller



pdf-iconGREENS OPA

pdf-iconGREENS PDU

pdf-iconGREENS Rewable Engy Pwr Sply

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