Soldier Power


The Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment System (SWIPES™) is an advanced power and data distribution system and the next phase in creating a fully networked warfighter. Through the use of a cable management system contained inside an armor system or ruck, SWIPES™ utilizes a central hub to distribute power from commonly used military batteries through a trickle charge to most individually worn equipment. This allows for the most efficient use of power and decreases the weight a warfighter must carry by virtually eliminating the need to carry spare batteries. In addition, the hub can also deliver data from the individually worn equipment to an end user device allowing the user to view all of their networked assets in one place such as a tablet or smartphone.

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System Highlights

Battery Agnostic  – SWIPES™ can distribute power from most any of the commonly used power sources to include but not limited to:

  • BA-5590
  • BB-2590
  • BA-8180
  • LI-145
  • CWB-150
  • CWB-85

Modular – The SWIPES™ cable management system can be integrated into almost any armor system or ruck. Extension cables allow the user to customize placement of equipment on vests while utilizing system. Cables are provided with quick disconnect features and release with the vest Cable Management System allowing for cabling to be managed inside the vest eliminating snag points.

Weight Reduction – The entire SWIPES™ system weighs less than 2 pounds and eliminates the need to carry spare batteries.

Energy Efficient – When used with the 2.2 pound, 150wH Conformal Wearable Battery from Palladium Energy, SWIPES™ can provide power to all integrated equipment on an individual for 36 hours continuously or 24 hours continuously if transmitting data.

Augments not Adds – The SWIPES™ system simply augments the gear one already has; there is no need to add additional equipment or change one’s current system. SWIPES™ can power most individually worn equipment with little or no modification and make one’s current kit configuration and the warfighter more efficient.

Powering Radios – Power is provided to the radio through a smart charging cup seated in the bottom of the radio pouch. A trickle charge is provided to the radio with the original radio battery intact. Should the need arise to pull the radio from the kit, this system provides the user with a fully charged and functional radio. Optional data transmission capabilities are available through charging cups.

Radios and that currently can be powered by SWIPES™ include but are not limited to:

  • AN/PRC 148 MBITR
  • AN/PRC 153 (Motorola XTS 2500)
  • AN/PRC 152 Falcon III
  • AN/PRC 154 Rifleman
  • Data can also be transmitted from applicable radios

Additional items that can be powered through the SWIPES™ charging cups include but are not limited to:

  • L-3 Tactical Rover
  • Coastal Defense Receiver
  • Persistent Systems Video Receiver
  • Data can also be transmitted from applicable radios

Direct Power Items – Items that can be directly powered through the hub include but are not limited to:

  • GPS Units (DAGR)
  • Shot Detection Systems
  • Mine Detection
  • End User Devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Data can also be transmitted from applicable radios