UEC possesses three facilities on two campuses in the Charleston SC area. A short description of each is provided.  Campus 1 is located off of Howard Street in Hanahan and is home to buildings 1 and 2; Campus 2 is located off of Technical Parkway in North Charleston and is home to building 3.

Bldg 1 is located in Hanahan SC (Howard Street). This building houses much of the UEC production support staff. Quality, production engineering, and material procurement reside in this building. The production floor in building one is primarily used for CCA Production, system, component and FOD & ESD sensitive system integration.

Bldg 2 is located in Hanahan SC (Howard Street). This building consists of office space, a dedicated training room, warehousing and a sizeable production floor for cable fabrication and non-ESD sensitive system integration.

Bldg 3 is located in North Charleston SC (Technical Parkway). This building is primarily used for large military vehicle integration efforts and our factory automation support team. The building includes office space for personnel, a conference room, production space with three large bay doors to facilitate movement of military vehicles and equipment into and out of the facility.